Serving Retail Producers
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     MARKETS (Bold print indicates Admitted market)
Admiral Ins Co A+ XV
Aspen Specialty Ins Co A XV
Benchmark Ins Co A- VII
Evanston Ins Co A XV
Everest National A+ XV
Financial Pacific A X
First Mercury A XIIl
Golden Bear Ins Co A- VI
Great American E&S A XIV
Great American Ins Co A XIV
Great Lakes Re (London) A+ XV (Int’l Best)
Hamilton Specialty A- XIII
Hudson Ins Co A XV
Houston Casualty Co A XV
Indian Harbor Ins Co A XV
Illinois Union A++ XV
Ins Co of the West A- XI
International Ins Co of Hannover A XV
Landmark American A+ XIV
Lawyers Mutual Ins Co A VIII
Lexington Ins Co A XV
Liberty Ins Underwriters A XV
Liberty Surplus A XV
Lloyds of London A XV
Markel American A XV
Mercer Ins Co. A X
Mt Hawley Ins Co (RLI) A+ XI
National Union Fire A XV
North American Capacity A+ XV  
Old Republic Ins Co A+ XI
Palomar Specialty A- VII
QBE Specialty A XIV  
Rockhill Ins Co A- XII
RSUI Indemnity A+ XIV
Scottsdale Indemnity (A+ XV)
Scottsdale Ins Co A+ XV
Topa Ins Co A- VII
United National A XI
United Fire & Casualty A X
Westchester Surplus A++ XV
Zurich Ins Co A+ XV
  December 4, 2016